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Business travel agency or any small business what you are building? This is a very

important question of how you can successfully build or grow something without

having a vision of what it will be like when it is completed.


As a business advisor, I have asked this question: Do you know what your business is?

Will it be seen in five years? “What I have discovered business travel agency is this.

Most business owners cannot formulate even three areas clearly to answer this

question. On the contrary, their clear vision of what their business will look like five

years into the future can set you on track. Towards greatness clarity of the future = maximum success Why?

Because motivation

Because motivation, desire, perseverance, and overcoming any obstacle happens

naturally when business travel agency your vision is clear of what you want. Your

clear vision is the starting point for greatness. It should inspire you, motivate you and

prove you right. Because the reason for this is crucial to know “why” you are creating this

game. What is your motivator?


Creating a list of why you do business is your first step. I encourage you to get to

twenty-five things, business travel agency if possible. Because having a clear vision is simply

putting YOU and your company ideal for the future. Planning your ideal business

is an excellent and powerful exercise, and I know you will benefit greatly from this exercise.

Direction and clarity equate to future success

Think of time x years. And I think five years is a perfect starting point as it is easy to see and

not too far into the future. Do you try to visualize in detail what your business is like?

The more details the better. Because think big, speak up, and don’t be too conservative.

Create your ideal business.


Can you see it clearly already? If not, it helps to crystallize it for printing on paper.

Take the time to reflect and answer the business travel agency these questions below.

Going through this process can be the foundation of clarity and give your work-life

real purpose. Because remember that direction and clarity equate to future success.


  1. How big is your business? The number of clients, annual turnover, and annual
  2. profit generated, business travel agency your income … What is the value of your
  3. business at this time and place? And why would someone else buy your business?
How is your business physically?
  1. How is your business physically? Where is your company located? Do you have
  2. multiple locations?


  1. Why is your business different from the competition, what makes it unique?
  2. What makes you a better business travel agency at what you do? How products
  3. and services do you offer and at what prices / rates? What kind of customer service do you offer?


  1. How is your organization in your company? How many employees do you have?
  2. What roles do they play? Do you have additional partners / minor partners?
  3. What role do you play in the company? How many hours do you work? How many
  4. days do you work? What are some of the common traits and characteristics of
  5. your employees? What is the culture like in your company?


  1. Who is your target market? Describe business travel agency your ideal clients?
  2. Why is a customer excited about your business? How are you perceived in business?


  1. What functional areas of your company’s system are systematized with processes and procedures? Be specific.
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  1. What outsourcing do you know and in what areas of your business trips?


  1. How do you market your business, what are the main methods/strategies you
  2. use to market your practice? What percentage of your new clients come from
  3. client referrals? business travel agency How do you make sure your clients provide
  4. references? Where else do you get referrals? With what type of companies do
  5. you collaborate in referrals? Is there a company with which you have strategic alliances?


  1. What is your exit strategy? Because do you sell to new owners, existing partners? How much do you famine to sell it for? Do you want to take advantage of your business to generate passive income?

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