Business Travelers Security for Worldwide produced

Business travelers security

Business travelers security of globalization have produced a huge

increase in the number of international business travelers, a trend

that is likely to increase, as the latest economic impact report from

the World Travel and Tourism Council for 2013 predicts an annual

increase of more than 3 %. Business travelers’ security world economy

begins to struggle to free itself from the effects of the great economic

recession, this expected increase may even come from the conservative side.

International business trips

International business trips are carried out by a representative

sample of business people, from individual distributors and entrepreneurs

who simply represent themselves, Business traveler’s security to

representatives of large multinational companies. Many travelers

will have gone to the trouble to explore aspects such as the climate

and business cultural delights of their destination, but increasingly

with the effects of globalization from the threats of crime and terrorism,

Business travelers security it is crucial that travelers are also aware

of the security situation at your destination.


From the point of view of employers, they have a duty to pay attention

to their staff and contractors and should be considered to have acted

reasonably and taken all reasonable precautions should the worst occur.

Aside from the personal suffering involved, Business travelers security

costly negligence litigation may be the least of the consequences of not

taking the proper precautions. While sanity may have prevailed over

time in a recent Australian High Court case, Business travelers security

in which an official initially successfully sued for damages suffered by

having sex in a hotel room while on a business trip, it was the fact that

the case ended in the Superior Court must sound the alarms to all employers.

International business travelers

Of course, the actual threats that exist to the safety of international

business travelers are more Business travelers security significant than

those mentioned in the recent Australian court case, and can range from

crime to terrorism and will, of course, Business travelers security be

destination specific. Although given the easy international travel for

both business travelers and terrorists, Business travelers security the

days of having completely safe destinations are long gone. Traveling to

all destinations includes the risk of a higher or lower degree of low-level

crime, which at least can be a great distraction from the business focus

of a trip, a high-profile example is what tennis star Juan has suffered.

Martin Del Porto. , victim of a distraction robbery at the Grad du Nord

train station in Paris, who suffered the loss of a number of valuable

objects, including his passport, money and a rosary blessed by Business

travelers security his Argentine compatriot Pope Francis. This happened

during travel between tournaments in Paris and London and may have

only had a negative effect on his performance. Potentially more serious

and certainly more physically dangerous is the threat of terrorism.

sensitive financial information

A statement on the growing threat of kidnapping with ransom issued in

July 2013 by the Office of British Prime Minister David Cameron stated

that kidnapping with ransom is the preferred Business travelers security

method of financing Al Qaeda and represents a growing threat. There’s

also the issue of information security, an employee of a contractor may

travel with sensitive financial information, and travelers should be aware

of the danger that wireless communications could be intercepted,

whether by criminals or even competitors in the industry.


It is strongly recommended that both employers and travelers take

responsibility for safety and complete basic training prior to departure.

Obtaining intelligence assessments prior to the travel destination

shows due diligence and highlights the need for any additional safety

training for travelers. Any training offered must also take into account

the gender of the traveler and must include at least some basic emergency

protocols to cover any case.


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