Commercial Traveler for the Body weight Exercise as a business

Commercial Traveler business

Commercial Traveler business is mild to significantly overweight, bloated from too

much restaurant food, eyes puffy from jet lag, and molded into a chair shape from

spending too much time in meetings and on airplanes. Medicine for this archaic little

hotel gym and the tedious boredom of the treadmill requires an incredible tolerance

for repetition. It’s a pretty bleak vision, but it’s not the whole story. Business

travelers have an ace in the pile: bodyweight training.


We tend to overlook bodyweight training because it costs nothing. You don’t need

a gym party Commercial Traveler or fancy outfit to do that. You don’t even

need a dedicated area; most hotel rooms have enough floor space for a solid

bodyweight workout. All you need is a little knowledge and you carry it with you.


Bodyweight Exercise changes time


The other thing about modern business travel is that there is never enough time.

We are constantly forced to eliminate excess and achieve more with less.

Who can afford a daily trip to the gym, Commercial traveler time to change

and shower, and then have to spend the better part of an hour-long session

waiting for equipment to drop?


For a training program to realistically fit into a business traveler’s schedule,

it must be able to get the job done in no time. Bodyweight training can do

this. At a minimum, you can if you do circular strength training.


CST meets this requirement by moving the body through all 6 degrees of freedom

in one sitting. Most training systems are linear and only take the body through

two degrees of freedom. This is ineffective and can lead to over conditioning

of particular moving chains. Even “functional” fitness approaches only

guide the body through three degrees of freedom. It is better, but it is not enough.


CST, on the other hand, Commercial Traveler moves you through all

6-degree freedom in a balanced way:


Elevation: moves up and down

Rolling: movement to the right and left

Surgery: go back and forth

Throw: lean forward and back

Yaw: turn right and left

Rolling: turning right and left

How does it affect your training time? It will kick you faster than any

other period of bodyweight training method! You complete the workout in

a fraction of the time (typically 12-20 minutes) and the Commercial Traveler

results you see will be far superior to any other exercise modality. Train the CST way.


What the heck is CST?


CST is circular strength training. CST was created by world-renowned flow

trainer Scott Sonoma and developed by his elite faculty training staff and is

at the forefront of improving health, fitness, and athletic performance. It is

unique among fitness systems in offering a comprehensive “health first” approach to exercise.


This approach is based on the belief that health is the most important goal of

exercise. Becaues other systems put Function (attributes like strength, Commercial

Traveler stamina, or speed) first and evaluate these things over and above

and often at the expense of health. Many people appreciate physics first and

are willing to do anything, including practices like injecting steroids or

going on a diet, for the immediate payoff of a magazine cover.


Everything in CST builds on and leads to this health-first approach. Because as a

result, CST will get you to the function and physique you are looking for

faster, and will keep you there longer without compromising your health

and longevity.

Besides Burgees


Let’s look at a simple bodyweight workout, one that is a bit more sophisticated

then the norm.


The traditional burped is a linear movement: a squat, Commercial Traveler

a push with both legs behind the back, Commercial Traveler followed by

standing up again. We put this aside so that we can achieve a range of

motion that is not normally trained. We just call it “Legs to the Side”.


Each complete movement is drawn by means of a squat. So the correct

order (from portrait) is:


1) Begin standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.


2) Squat down by sitting back and down while keeping your spine straight. Because sit all the way down as far as you can.


3) Place your right hand on the floor in front of you for balance and shift your

weight slightly to that side.


4) This releases your left leg. Because extend your left leg over your body to the right.

Open your hips as much as Commercial Traveler possible when doing this.

The movement should feel floating as if it were

business traveling method

mental health



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